Schakowsky Blasts Select Panel Republicans' Secretive and Flawed Final Report

WASHINGTON, D.C. – Today, Ranking Member Jan Schakowsky released the following statement in response to the Select Panel Republicans’ final report, which was drafted in secret, without any input from Panel Democrats:

“History will not look kindly upon this Panel.   Panel Republicans spent nearly $1.6 million taxpayer dollars chasing inflammatory lies being peddled by anti-abortion extremists.  Their inappropriate working relationship with these groups put law-abiding doctors and researchers at risk. 

“After fifteen months investigating the secretly-recorded and deceptively-edited video allegations, Panel Republicans have uncovered no evidence of wrongdoing.  Yet, rather than ‘follow the facts where they lead,’ as Chair Blackburn promised, Panel Republicans ignored them. 

Democrats Release Select Investigative Panel Report

WASHINGTON, D.C. – Today, the Democratic Members of the Select Investigative Panel issued a 112-page report entitled, “Setting the Record Straight: The Unjustifiable Attack on Women’s Health Care and Life-Saving Research”

“Fifteen months after the Select Panel was created and after spending more than $1.5 million in taxpayer dollars, the American public deserves an accurate accounting of what the Select Panel has learned,” wrote the Members.  “Despite the repeated false rhetoric of Panel Republicans, this investigation has found no evidence of wrongdoing by researchers, health care providers, clinics, or companies who help facilitate life-saving research.”

Schakowsky Blasts Additional Funding for Select Investigative Panel

Total Cost to Exceed $1.5 Million

WASHINGTON, D.C. – Today, Select Panel Ranking Member Jan Schakowsky released the following statement in response to the Committee on House Administration’s approval of a resolution providing an additional $800,000 for the Select Investigative Panel:

“One of the Republican Congress’s first acts upon returning to Washington was to approve additional funding for the Select Investigative Panel, doubling its budget and putting it on track to spend over $1.5  million of taxpayer funds by the end of this year.

Washington Post: Editorial: GOP ideology is curtailing vital medical research 

IT WAS clear from its start that the aim of the House’s perversely named Select Investigative Panel on Infant Lives was to put a stop to fetal-tissue research. Unfortunately, it appears the Republican-led panel may be succeeding. This is not because it has found any evidence — or even hint — of wrongdoing, but because its harassment and intimidation of doctors and researchers are having a chilling effect on their lifesaving medical work.

Schakowsky Denounces Select Panel's Chilling Impact on Life-Saving Research

WASHINGTON, D.C. – Today, Select Panel Ranking Member Jan Schakowsky delivered the following statement denouncing the Panel’s dangerous, chilling impact on life-saving research and renewing the call to disband the Panel.

Floor Remarks of Ranking Member Jan Schakowsky as Prepared for Delivery

Last week, Republicans on the Select Panel voted to recommend criminal contempt against a small biotech company and its owner and also released publicly the name of a doctor who had been interviewed privately by the Panel.  These actions are a disgrace to the House.

Ranking Member Schakowsky Condemns Republican Threat of Contempt Against Small Biotech Company

WASHINGTON, D.C. – Today Ranking Member Jan Schakowsky issued the following statement in response to the announcement that the Select Investigative Panel will be meeting to consider a report recommending that the House of Representatives hold StemExpress in criminal contempt of Congress:

“Chair Blackburn has manufactured a controversy over information that she does not need.  Her threat to punish a small biotech company and its owner is particularly outrageous given the company’s compliance with her unilateral subpoena demands.  The McCarthyesque threat that StemExpress ‘name names’ of all employees or face congressional contempt is disgraceful.   We will fight this continued abuse of congressional authority every step of the way.”

Washington Post: "We lose money doing this": Tiny company caught in abortion debate takes on Congress

PLACERVILLE, CALIF. — StemExpress, a tiny biomedical company in this foothill town east of Sacramento, has emerged at the heart of the contentious national debate over abortion and the scientific use of human fetal tissue. FBI agents say its floor-to-ceiling windows are security hazards, a potential line of sight for snipers. The backdrop of pine trees and hills provides cover, employees say, to strangers who crouch with cameras.

Inside, Melanie Rose, a laboratory technician, knows anyone could be watching. One recent May morning, she opened a foam box with fetal tissue packed in ice — a donation for medical research.

Rose, who is working toward a master’s degree in stem cell treatment, is one of 24 employees here thrust into view after antiabortion activists released a series of videos last year.