Republicans' Latest Attack on Women's Health Care
House Republicans created this Select Panel after three House Republican-run committees had already investigated – and found no evidence to support – allegations against Planned Parenthood sparked by deceptively-edited videos manufactured by anti-abortion extremists.
Inflammatory claims against Planned Parenthood have been accompanied by increased violence against women and their doctors.
Republican investigations into the doctored Planned Parenthood videos have turned up nothing.
"Was there any wrongdoing?"
"I didn't find any."
Jason Chaffetz Republican Chairman of House Oversight Committee
Women cannot get reproductive health care services — including family planning and counseling, birth control, screenings for cancer, testing for sexually transmitted infections, and safe and legal abortion services — when Republicans defund or shutdown Planned Parenthood and other providers.
Fetal tissue research was instrumental in development of vaccines for a range of diseases, including polio, measles, rubella, and chickenpox, and continues to be used for Ebola and other viruses. Fetal tissue is also being used to develop treatments for conditions and diseases – including diabetes, heart disease, organ failure, Parkinson’s disease, and Alzheimer’s disease – that afflict millions of Americans.

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One of the most important jobs of Congress is to represent the best interests of the people that we serve. So we're asking you to share your story with us. How has access to reproductive health care affected you? What would it mean if you could not get that care – if your access was reduced or eliminated?

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Words Matter

The demonizing rhetoric and inflammatory allegations against Planned Parenthood since July have been accompanied by increased violence against women and their doctors.

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Facts Matter

After months of investigation, three House Committees uncovered no evidence of wrongdoing by Planned Parenthood. Public policy should be based on facts and science, not manufactured and false allegations.

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Truth Matters

The relentless Republican attacks on women’s health care and medical research harms the health and wellbeing of millions of Americans. Congress should devote taxpayer dollars to supporting – not attacking – access to health care and medical research.

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About the Select Panel

Democrats will do what it takes to protect women in America and to ensure that they have access to the full range of health care services that they need, including birth control, family planning and counseling, preventive cancer screening, STI testing, and safe, legal abortion services.

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